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Removal/Asylum/Court Proceedings
Success Story: Section 212(c) Waiver Granted by Immigration Court

On August 26, 2010, an immigration judge granted Section 212(c) waiver to our client and allowed our client to get his permanent residency back.  Attorney Stewart Lin is the representing attorney in this matter.


Our client in this case came to the US in the early 90s.  Unfortunately, once coming to the US, our client became fascinated with gambling and became a frequent visitor to casinos.  To finance his gambling habits, he started forge checks.  Eventually, he was caught by the law enforcement agency.  He pleaded guilty to the charge, was convicted by court in 1996 and got 10-year probation for the crime.


In 2009, our client went to the USCIS to renew his permanent resident card without knowing that he was removable because of those criminal records.  He was hence arrested by the USCIS.  Attorney Stewart represented him in the removal proceeding in the immigration court.


The former Section 212(c) waiver is a discretionary relief that an immigration judge can grant.  To prevail in such a proceeding, the respondent must show why he deserves such a relief.  In the trial, Attorney Stewart Lin originally planned to call our client and his wife to testify.  However, after discussing with the government counsel, Attorney Lin decided to waive the calling of the Respondentís wife.  Hence, based on the submitted documents and Respondentís testimony alone, the presiding judge agreed that our client deserves to have such a relief.  As the government counsel waives appeal, this matter has been finalized.


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  11/02/18 I-601A Waiver, Approval