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H-1B Candidtae: Dont's Wait Until April to Prepare. Also, Some Employers Can Still Sponsor

As the 2006 cap for H-1B visa and status for advanced degree has been used up on January 17, 2006, the petition for H-1B is now in a "drought" period.  As a matter of fact, the regular H-1B cap for 2006 was used up on a much earlier date on October 1, of 2005.  All the petitions for cases subject to the cap will have to wait until April 1, 2006 to file to the USCIS.  Readers can imagine that once the gun is shot on April 1, 2006, thousands of H-1B petitions will be rushed out from attorney's offices around the States to the USCIS.  Therefore, we want to remind our readers:

"Do Not Hold Up The Preparation of Your Case Until April of 2006"

This is especially true  for people who's college degree was earned in foregin, non-English speaking country as diplomas from those countries must be evaluated before the petition is filed to the USCIS.

Also, we want to remind our readers that some employers are not subject to the cap restriction and can still sponsor and file H-1B petitions now.  These include:

     1.  Institution of higher education

     2.  Nonprofit organization or entity related to or affiliated with an institution of higher education

     3.  Nonprofit research organization or a governmental reserach organization

If you need any help about H-1B petition, don't hesitate.  Contact us immediately.  The help you need is just a click away.




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  03/09/19 Asylum, Granted by Asylum Office
  03/01/19 E-2 Visa Granted by Consulate in Japan
  02/25/19 Labor Certification, Approval
  02/15/19 EB-3, Approval
  02/15/19 E-1 Vosa Granted by Consultate
  02/01/19 E-2, Approval
  02/01/19 EB-1(C), Arpproval
  01/26/19 I-140 EB-3, Approval
  01/12/19 E-2, Approval
  01/02/19 H-1, Approval
  12/22/18 EB-1(a), Approval
  12/02/18 L-1 for Green Card, EB-1(C), Approval
  12/02/18 H-1, Approval
  11/05/18 Asylum, Granted by Court
  11/02/18 I-601A Waiver, Approval