Success Story: US Consulate in Tokyo Approved E-2 Visa to Our Client

On Jan. 14, 2019, the USCIS consulate in Tokyo, Japan approved an E-2 visa application we filed for our client.

Our client in this case invested E-2 qualified amount in a beauty business in the US.  Through our careful representation and presentation of his case to the consulate, the interview went smoothly and the E-2 application was approved on the spot.  With the approval, our client has come to the US to operate his business.

Lin & Valdez has applied for and obtained approvals for hundreds of business and investment related immigration applications, including E-2 visa, L-1 visa, and EB-5 applications, for clients around the globe. The E-2 investments our clients made for the applications are in a wide range of businesses, including

  • bakery
  • beauty salon
  • hair salon
  • cosmetics shop
  • restaurant and bar
  • camera shop
  • doughnut shop
  • supermarket
  • gas station
  • convenience store
  • trading company
  • day care
  • bridal service
  • professional service
  • hotel/motel
  • computer company
  • franchise store
  • art gallery
  • law office
  • shoe store
  • sandwich and deli shop
  • auto-parts sale and trading
  • animal clinic
  • real estate consultation service
  • kitchen and bath remodeling
  • party rental
  • art studio
  • electricity service
  • construction service
  • consignment
  • granite and stone business, etc.

We have established ourselves a renowned premier E-2 investment visa practitioner.  If you are from one of the E-2 countries and are interested in coming to the US with this flexible visa status, or changing your status to E-2 in the US, please contact us immediately.  The help you need is just a click away!