Success Story: Asylum Granted by Immigration Court to Our Client

On April 18, 2023, an US Immigration Iudge granted asylum to a Lin & Valdez client.  This approval represents the continuation of our success in the immigration court.

This case involves a client whose application, when represented by another attorney, was previously denied by the court.  We appealed it to the BIA.  The appeal was granted and remanded back to the immigration court.  In the new trial, we are able to convince the court the eligibility of the client on religious ground for asylum, and pleasantly, asylum was granted.

Attorneys at Lin & Valdez have represented hundreds of aliens in all kinds of proceedings in asylum office and immigration court.  We represent clients in all immigration courts of Texas and Louisiana.  We have also represented clients in immigration courts in New York, Michigan, California, etc.  Our attorneys have also represented clients in various levels of appeal and obtained tremendous success in the appeals.  Please contact us immediately if you need representation in immigration court and in BIA or other appealing proceeding.  As we have always said, the help you need is just a click away!