Success Story: USCIS Approved L-1A to Our Client

On June 6, 2022 the USCIS approved an L-1A application we filed for our client. The application was received by the USCIS on May 5, 2022 under regular processing. We expected to wait for month for the processing but surprisingly the USCIS approved the case in just 32 days after the filing. The application is for a top manager of a beauty supply company to be in the US to operate its US subsidiary.

The approval to this application continues our success in L-1 applications. The application was approved without encountering any challenge from the USCIS.

Lin & Valdez is renowned for our handling of employment and business-related immigration petitions. Our managing attorney Stewart Lin has an LLM from Boston University in international banking law and hence is keen to all business related issues. Over the years, we have filed countless investment related visa petitions, including L-1 visa, E-2 visa, and EB-5 green card applications for our clients around the world. If your company is a parent or subsidiary company of a foreign company, and you wish to apply for L-1A managerial personnel or L-1B foreign employee with special knowledge, please contact us. The help you need, as we always say, is just a click away.