Success Story: F-1 Reinstatement Application Approved

On August 2, 2022 the USCIS approved an F-1 reinstatement application to a Lin & Valdez LLP client. The client failed to maintain his F-1 status. He then tried to apply for OPT, but the OPT was rejected as he failed to complete the application. Then he tried to apply for reinstatement by himself. The USCIS issued RFE and he then turned to our help. Attorney Stewart Lin helped him complete the response to the RFE and the case was soon approved.

Over the years we have handled thousand of all kinds of employment-based or related petitions, including F-1 reinstatement. We have obtained hundreds of H-1B approvals for corporate clients around the US and many F-1 reinstatements. We have helped Fortune-500 companies as well as companies with just one or two employees to get H-1B visas or status for their employees. Companies or employees seeking H-1Bs, or individual client wishing to reinstate F-1, are welcomed to contact us as we have always said, the best help you need is just a click away!